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Our Bears Change Lives

We donate our soft cuddly teddy bears to hospital emergency departments to help staff provide a sense of comfort and security to their traumatized and distraught pediatric patients.

First Annual

Teddy Bears On Call℠

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Schedule
August 19, 2024
Richmond County Country Club
Staten Island, NY

As we prepare for our First Annual Golf Tournament, we want to reflect on the amazing time had by all at our inaugural Golf Tournament in August 2023.

The day began with a regal catered breakfast at registration followed by golf and a 19th hole open bar cocktail hour, all of which was crowned by a sumptuous steak dinner. Each participant received TBOC swag, including a collared golf shirt, golf balls, a mug, and golf towel. The outing was a complete sellout with 108 golfers—the maximum the course allows.

About Us

Teddy Bears On Call℠ (TBOC) is a charitable program offered to hospitals by Teddy Bears On Call, Inc., a volunteer not-for-profit charitable corporation.

We are an organization made up of impassioned like minded volunteers driven to alleviating the fear and distress experienced by traumatized children receiving emergency medical treatment.

The concept is simple. Via an ongoing program organized and managed by TBOC volunteers within a community, the funds required to purchase quantities of our teddy bears is continuously raised. These loveable teddies are then donated to local hospital emergency departments for staff, at their discretion, to give to their traumatized, distraught pediatric patients.

There is never a charge to the hospitals or parents for the bears, and the children get to take their teddy home.

We modeled our program in large part after the immensely successful not-for-profit “Teddies for Loving Care Appeal Charity (TLC)” founded in 2001 by Freemasons in Essex, England. This program has been so well received throughout the U.K. by hospitals, patients, and parents, that to date it has given out over 2.5 million teddies.

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  • Distract and befriend traumatized children, which helps calm them down.
  • Something soft for the child to cuddle.
  • For staff to demonstrate on teddy what treatment they are about to administer.
  • A reward for being brave.
  • Helping to relieve the distress and anxiety of parents, guardians, and siblings.

There is never a charge to the hospitals or parents for the bears, and the children get to take their teddy home

Help Comfort Traumatized Children.

Teddy Bears On Call, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  Donations are tax-dedcutable to the fullest extent permitted by U.S. Tax Law.

For Inquiries, Contact Us At